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Importances to Translate Scanned PDF Files

Learn how to translate scanned PDF documents from anywhere online or offline so you can share with anyone, — no matter what languages they are used to speaking in 2023.

When you work with everyone in different regions you are sharing files in English, but sometimes it may occur problem when different people do not know different languages meaning that sometimes you should translate your PDFs before you share them.

Sharing and translating files is hectic instantly because PDF documents are final form files, which makes them challenging and harder to edit for translation. In general, there’s no automatic PDF translator. Hence, Today in this article I will show how easily we translate scanned PDF files with some common online tools.

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#1 Use 'Google Docs' Translator to Translate the Scanned PDF Files

Translating any pdf file to any language is not so easy but if you have Google docs on your devices it makes your translating solution instantly. We all know Google docs for writing any doc file online and it saves automatically but how many do we know that it is used for translating any PDF files online? Here, we discuss the process of translating any scanned PDF file into any language in 2023.

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Steps to Translate Scanned PDF Documents with Google Docs

1. Open the Google Chrome browser and select Google Drive. Choose any pdf files from the drive or devices.

2. Here we select a PDF file from our browser with Google docs.

3. Open the Tools option and select translate documents. It opens a new file where we can select any of our translational languages.

4. We choose English to Arabic language and press the translate button.

5. It takes time to open and within some seconds it opens with the same pdf format but in different languages you see. It is so easy and accurate. Isn't it?

How to Save the Translated Docs as PDF Files?

If you think that translate PDFs is so easy. You may under-estimated Google. As Google translates PDF files, but doesn’t offer the ability to save the translated version again as a PDF. Luckily, you can use the print to PDF function, which works on most browsers. All you have to do is:

  • Open the print window on your browser, this function is usually under “File.”

  • Find and choose “Save as PDF in the subfolder functions.

  • Save the PDF to your chosen folder on your desktop.

#2 Use 'WPS Office' to Translate Scanned PDF Files

With the powerful OCR technology and language translation capabilities of WPS Office, users can seamlessly translate scanned documents to English or any other language. It can also helps users experience awesome PDF editing, organizing, signing, compressing and other pdf features.

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Steps to Translate Scanned PDF Documents with WPS Office

1. Open WPS Office and click “PDF” to open the scanned document to translate.

2. Once the file is open, click on the "OCR" button in the top menu bar.

3. Perform OCR to convert PDF to editable docs format so that you can copy its texts on PC. Or, users can directly select the language of the original document and choose the language you want to translate the document into from the "Translate to" drop-down menu on Mobile.

5. Click on the "Start OCR" button to begin the text recognition process.

6. Once the OCR process is complete, the translated text will appear in a new window.

#3 Use 'Onlinedoctranslator' to Translate Scanned PDF Files

Here we like to introduce an online translation tool. It is quite a common translator tool online. People who translate regularly may know these free PDF files tranlate tools. Its feature is preferred for translating any file to any different language.

Steps to Translate Scanned PDFs with Onlinedoctranslator

Here I discuss the translating process of using doc translator from their website online in 2023.

1. open a pdf file and it is an English language file. Now our mission is to change its PDF file language.

2. Select the file from the browser by choosing pdf file or drag and drop.

3. Here it opens a new pop-up form where we select from English to any of our preferable languages.

4. We choose Arabic and press the translate button.

5. Now we can download our translated pdfdocument and it is ready to open.

6. Here you see, how easily it translated from English to Arabic languages.

Looking for more insight on how to translate scanned PDF document online in 2022? Check here: How to Translate Scanned PDF Document

Do More with WPS Office

Now you know how to translate anyscanned PDF file with protection to any language instantly online in 2023. WPS Office is more than a PDF toolkit. It is a fantastic office suite with powerfulOCR that can help you effortlessly translate scanned PDF files. You can easily convert your scanned PDF files into editable documents and then translate them into your desired language. You can download WPS Office With 4 productivity components in WPS Office, namely Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and PDF , and that can help you to work from anywhere with your devices at any time. WPS Office has accessible with 7 days free trial and premium subscription.Click below to download now!

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How to Translate Scanned PDF Online 2024 (3 Easy methods) | WPS Office Blog (2024)


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